Frequently asked questions

What is included in a regular cleaning?
Dusting, vacuuming and mopping.
Kitchen counters, floor, stove and microwave cleaning.
Oven cleaning is not included.
Trash removal to your Garbage cans.
Vanity,tub,mirrors, floor and toilet cleaning in all bathrooms.
walls and windows are not included.

How far out can I schedule my appointment?
You can try anytime but best chafes are when you call 2 or more weeks ahead.

Do I have to commit in a regular cleaning?
No, yo donĀ“t. But if you are satisfied you can always get a better deal if you want us to come once, twice or more every month.

Can I pay with debit/credit card?
Yes, we are happy to offer our customers the best ways for them to pay each time: Check, Debit, Credit or cash.

How many hours should I choose?
For the first time we ask for not less than 4 hours, but hours are listed in Labor-Hours, meaning that a Four-hour appointment could be two maids working for 2 hours. The price will be estimate on the number of total cleaning hours.

Can I ask for special requests like inside oven or outside glass windows?
yes you can always ask for your cleaning preferences and priorities when we arrive. Any special request should be discussed when scheduling your cleaning but remember that some special request are not part of a regular cleaning and may result in an updated service price.

Do I have to have my own cleaning products?
No for the First Time and for the Only One Time Cleaning, we will bring all products with us except for Paper Towels. If you decide to go on a Frequent Service we will give you a list of products we would need but we`ll also discuss your preferences.

Is making beds part of the service?
Yes it is upon request.

Communication is Key to cover your expectations